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3 church members wearing Victory Community Church t-shirts at service

Know Why

You’re Doing It

Placing the church Back at the Center of the Community

Since our official launch in 2019, Victory Community Church has leased many buildings across Brazoria County. In 2022, we merged with the Genesis church, a church of Rich history in the state and this country. But since then, we have been between renting spaces from another ministry and are currently in a lease for the facility we are in. The opportunity has come to us that we will be able to purchase the facility that we are currently leasing, which will take us from the 5000 square feet that we currently occupy to over 9000 square feet. Also, we will gain around 3 acres of land next to our current location in this purchase. But to do this, we must take on the tall task of raising $220,000 to make it a reality. This, as with anything regarding the God we serve, is possible. This can happen With our members and the community of believers at large. We plan to raise these funds over and above our tithes and offerings in the next six months. While facilities are essential, they are also a tool for us so that the ministry can continue and thrive.

victory expansion phase 1 flyer
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